" The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. "-Mahatma Gandhi

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Working With Soul

* You can work with SOUL team as member or volunteer to make your contribution in the child education development.

* As a member you can manage things,can orgnizise events. As a volunteer you can serve by teaching children or by helping them to learn good qualitative education.

* Working with them will be your best experience that you will ever have.

* We believe support,collaboration and contribution that makes us powerful voice of education reform. so you can make a step in this by joinig us.

* Together we do more alone we do little. being a part of us will provide us a assurance to grow more and go distinct ahead.

* Our NGO need people with motivation and effort those who think that this is our responsibility too, to tought something from we have learned still yet that can help in development

* Being with you as a team member or volunteer will be our obligation.