“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Upcoming Activities

Summer traning for under graduate under the program-->"Takniki Gyan"

This program is focuses on:-

i. Information and Communication Technology.
ii. Latest and Hi-tech software & Electronic devices.
iii. Robotics, Embedded System.
iv. Innovation Labs & Research Centers.
v. Professional & Entrepreneurship development program.

Skills ehancement program under the program-->"Aajivika pariyojana"

(a) Under this program we are providing the employment training and developing the innovative assets that can help people of the rural and underprivileged area to earn their livelihood more effectively. This will help in the socio-economic development of our country.

(b) This program also supports girls and women to make them as the role model for the society by enriching their talent through our women employment and vocational training module.

(c) We also support them to become self-reliant by providing the platform to run their business through our e-commerce module.

Education awareness campaign under the program-->"Sahi disha Nayi umeed"

There are so many Children who are living in an environment of poverty may be vulnerable by violence
exploitation, trafficking, substance abuse and discrimination. Lack of education is the major problem
currently and it may further increases their vulnerabilities and risks.

So to give better future, “SOUL Society” takes initiative where children’s basic social rights like education
health and safety are protected and promoted.