“Goals are the fuel in the furnance of achievement. “

Ujjawal Bhavshiya

There are so many children who are studying in various different types of school. But we have seen
that there is major difference in the standard and quality of education in government schools, Private
institutes, and other schools & colleges. By understanding the views and dreams of parents.

“SOUL Society” started a program ‘Ujjwal Bhavishya’ to enhance the skill and knowledge
of student. The main target of SOUL Society is to give the activity-based learning education to the
student of class 6th, 7th, & 8th. There are some other best strategies to hit the target:-

i. Activity- Based Learning.
ii. Creative Lab and Innovative Learning.
iii. Games and Hobbies based Learning.
iv. Experimental Learning.

The future and the incoming Diamonds of India are only the student, so they need to get a great way
of successful person. So, a small guidance can create a great impact in their life and we always helping
them to choose their destination and to show the path to reach at that destination. Accordingly our Educationist
and Professional Gurus give their mantra, so that student will be able to get the best out of many.