“Once a new technology rolls you, if you’re no part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.“

Takniki Gyan

In India, there are so many places, institutes and colleges which are lacking in the emerging trends and latest technology.
There is a soul in every student who wants to be enlighten himself for forever until he live. And there is a little dream
to learn the experimental subjects, latest technology,innovative science and many more to make himself internally strong.

But they fail to get that environment, to prove themselves. To give that knowledge and environment, “SOUL Society”
decided to provide the technology-oriented and experimental education to the learners, under the program ‘TAKNIKI GYAN’.

This program is focusing on:-

i. Information and Communication Technology.
ii. Latest and Hi-tech software & Electronic devices.
iii. Robotics, Embedded System.
iv. Innovation Labs & Research Centers.
v. Professional & Entrepreneurship development program.