Serve man as the god-Swami Vivekanand"

Sahi disha Nayi umeed

There are so many Children who are living in an environment of poverty may be vulnerable by violence
exploitation, trafficking, substance abuse and discrimination. Lack of education is the major problem
currently and it may further increases their vulnerabilities and risks.

So to give better future, “SOUL Society” takes initiative where children’s basic social rights like education
health and safety are protected and promoted. In majority of them lack of parental guidance they are unknown
to their power and skills.

So, it is necessary to help them to understand their opportunities in the world and to choose the right choices.
Some question may arise in anyone mind Like as,What is best for future? How to choose? “Sahi disha Nayi umeed”
program is started to provide better guidance for the bettermentof the children’s career and the livelihood of their parents.

This program mainly target the primary schools children, and the children of poor people. Under this program
we are also focusing on the counselling of parents. Some parents are unaware with the importance of education, so they take work with their children or they put the responsibility of home on them.

In result of that, those children would be far from the education. So in regards of this, SOUL Society decided to provide the better opportunities and employment to the parents so that their children get unaffected from labour-work. We also trying to support the parents and their children, so that they become self-dependent, and the shining star of the country.