“Opportunities are only for those who avails them. “


The program named as ‘PRAGATI’ get started to give the qualitative education.
The main aim of this program is to provide the new innovative education to all the needed students.
“SOUL Society “aimed to make each student as innovative, creative and skillful student, so that he can enlighten the others.
We want to start this program to all the aimed, needed, and learning student or person.
This program is work for mainly the student of Senior Level i.e the student of class 9th to 12th.There are some few best strategies to give target-oriented knowledge to the students. Such as:-

i. Elementary Information and Communication Technology Edge Training and Support.
ii. Foundation Lectures for underprivileged.
iii. Professional and Entrepreneurship development program.
iv. Science based Projects and Trainings.
v. Career Counselling.