"All the wealth of the world cannot help one little Indian village if the people are not taught to help themselves. Our work should be mainly educational, both moral and intellectual."


1. What is Soul Society?

SOUL SOCIETY is non-governmental,non-profit organization. Working to provide quality education and resources for underprivileged section of India and Providing Practical and Innovative education from Primary Level to the Undergraduate Level.

2. How Soul Society Started?

When bunch of concerned people came forward to help our country grow from strengths to strengths in literacy rate where the SOUL SOCIETY started.

3. Where is head office of Soul Society?

currently, SOUL SOCIETY is based in Mathura.

4. What are the project of Soul Society?

SOUL SOCIETY currently working on these projects:-

a) Baal jeevan Shikshit jeevan: This project started with vision of providing qualitative education to each underprivilged childern form 0 to 5 class.

b) Ujjawal Bhavishya: This project is for Age 6 to 8 in which we provide

i. Activity- Based Learning.
ii. Creative Lab and Innovative Learning.
iii. Games and Hobbies based Learning.
iv. Experimental Learning.

c) Pragati: Age 9 to 12 is the age of growing and leading for batter future. This project provide

i. Elementary Information and Communication Technology Edge Training and Support.
ii. Foundation Lectures for underprivileged.
iii. Professional and Entrepreneurship development program.
iv. Science based Projects and Trainings.
v. Career Counselling.

d)Takniki gyan: This program is for undergraduate level that focuses on:-

i. Information and Communication Technology.
ii. Latest and Hi-tech software & Electronic devices.
iii. Robotics, Embedded System.
iv. Innovation Labs & Research Centers.
v. Professional & Entrepreneurship development program.

e) Padhti ladki Badhti ladki: This program is helping the girl to learn qualitative and innovative learning so that they can lead the next generation as well as the nation, equally.

f) Sahi disha Nayi umeed: This project provides counselling to help parents as well as children to choose what is batter for their future.

g) Aajivika pariyojana: In the rural areas, many people are not educated, not employed. They are only living their life in the darkness. So to provide employment to everyone SOUL Society started a program ‘Aajivika Pariyojana’.

h) Sadbhavana: Under the program ‘Sadbhavana, SOUL Society has decided to help in making big thoughts for others and aware them towards their moral duty for the society and nation.

5. Where does Soul Society get its funding?

SOUL SOCIETY get support for its program through individual donation.

6. Does Soul Society get funds/grants from government


7. How are the resources/funding used?

Approx all money goes in its various program and small in managment cost.

8. How can i make difference?

*Working with us
*Volunteering with us
*Donating us

9.What is Soul's Social media presences?

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulsocietyindia
twitter: https://twitter.com/soulsocietyin
blog: http://soulsocietyin.blogspot.in/